Breaking the Boundaries

I once heard that real exploration and discovery arises from when you are lost.

Christopher Columbus said:

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he first loses sight of the shore.”

In today’s world “being lost” coincides with fear and danger. When we travel we have guide books telling us what path and route to take. Living life by the norms of society the majority of us like to play life safe and live by the rules of how everybody else lives.

Even whilst traveling people think they are breaking these norms but they don’t as they are still following a route and a path someone else has already taken. They aren’t willing to get out and explore places for themselves.

When trekking in the Outback of Australia we had set paths we had to follow whilst going through certain places. These had been carved out due to the thousands of other people who had trekked on these paths before us. We decided to trek away from these paths… and ultimately we saw views and a perspective of the place that not many other people saw. This was because we ventured away from the path everyone else followed*.

*(if doing this be sensible and don’t venture irresponsibly)

Life and exploration should not be about following the path everybody else takes- but taking your own path- a new route nobody else takes so that others can follow. Being “lost” should not be treated with fear but by a sense of adventure that you may be embarking on something not many people have ever done before.

If you look back over thousands of years of human exploration; it has always been that of striving to explore places that have not yet been explored. Reflecting back on the quote by Christopher Columbus- he had to loose sight of the shore in order to discover something new. Yet he would not of known what it was he was about to discover.

It is understandable that in a modern world today that this may not be possible to “discover new lands”. But ambition without action will leave you stranded in a world that is moving forward and time is passing by.

What is possible is being able to explore a world beyond that of ones own comfort- zone…

and by doing so you may discover new things – new places – and maybe… just something new about yourself.


2 responses to “Breaking the Boundaries

  1. I agree.
    I say to dad when we go walking lets go off the path.When we do we always discover something new and see scenery etc we would never have seen.
    You know what I say its an Adventure.

  2. Really exciting stuff and a great read. Your blog is very inspirational.Keep on writing I’m hooked

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