Over Prepared? Medication for South East Asia

With the thwarts and dangers of South East Asia you must always be prepared for the various problems you may encounter. In 3 weeks I will be spending a few months in South East Asia- trekking through remote areas/ jungles and will more than likely come across certain dangers.

Firstly; always make sure you have all the neccessary injections in order to be safe.

All of these are at your discretion- however if staying for more than 1 month these are advisable.

Hepatitis A: contamination of food and water

Hepatitis B: caused by large amounts of drug/ alcohol consumption and spread via sexual or bodily fluid contact

Typhoid: contaminated


Rabies: Animal bites (e.g. wild dogs/ monkeys)

Diphtheria & Tetanus: Diphtheria- caused by indirect/ direct contact of the bacteria (e.g. touching/ breathing) Tetanus- a wound based infection

As you will notice from the image above- I am very prepared when it comes to medication. It is very important to be prepared when spending some time in third- world countries as medication and help may be scarce when needed.

Here is a list of the medication and why it may be needed (in some cases such as Dengue & Malaria certain tablets may needed to be taken at the same time to combat symptoms):

1) Travelan: very important as it reduces the risk of Travelers Diarrhoea of which up to 80% of travelers can have

2) Doxy-100: malaria tablets for the more remote areas where contracting malaria is high

3) Medicreme: antiseptic creme for general cuts/ stings

4) Aquatabs: water purification for if water is sparse/ unclean and needed

5) Xergic: serious rashes (plant/ insect bite)

6) Buscopan: Stomach aches and pain

7) Noroxin: diarrhia/ bladder infection

8) Difflam: sore throat

9) Azithromycin Sandoz: chest infection

10) Gastro-stop: stops any diarrhia so you can go about your normal day (however it only holds it; the infection is still there)

11) Gastrolyte: re hydration formula if dehydrated

12) First aid kit

13) Ibuprofen/ Paracetamol: pain relief



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