Travel Advice: Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Advice:

  • We advise you to exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect your safety in Vietnam because of the risk of criminal activity.
  • Pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the media for information about possible new safety and security risks.
  • Penalties for drug offences are severe and include the death sentence. Vietnamese authorities have announced increased security measures to combat drug trafficking. Over 20 Australians are currently serving long sentences or facing the death penalty for drug trafficking in Vietnam.
  • Traffic accidents occur often in Vietnam. You should consider the risks of driving a car or riding a motorcycle in Vietnam, particularly if you are unfamiliar with local conditions.
  • Typhoons and heavy rains during the rainy season (June-December) may cause flooding, flash flooding and landslides.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed human deaths from avian influenza in Vietnam.

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