Travel Safely

South East Asia

For some traveling the World can seem daunting at least with the many bad “stories” that we hear about.
Especially when traveling in countries that are still under-developed this sense of danger can heighten greatly. 
But is it a worry that is necessary?
 What you need to remember that into today’s world everything is relative. 
For example; with 16 million tourists entering Thailand every year there are bound be issues for tourists 
who aren't sensible. 
So here’s my top tips for traveling safely:

1) Keep up-to-date with local news
2) Stick to the areas you know are safe
3) Always keep money in a waist- strapped wallet or neck wallet.
4) Always be polite and friendly
5) Travel as light as possible to make you less of a target
6) Stick with legitimate local companies rather than going with touts on the road side when booking trips due to scams
7) Try to have Visa’s pre- arranged to prevent scams and over- charges when on borders
8-) Use your common sense and follow your instinct
9) Make friends with other travelers who are doing the same- the bigger the group the less of a target you will be
10) Don’t travel alone
11) Don’t do drugs (serious penalty’s including death penalty!)
12) At night stay within well- lit areas
13) Know your destination
14) When sleeping on public transport strap assets to yourself

3 responses to “Travel Safely

  1. I agree totally with the comment of travel lightly. One rucksack is all you need and a 45 litre did me for 11 months in Latin America. That way you have only got to take care of that one thing while on the move. I can’t believe the amount of stuff some people travel with.

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