Bali- Arriving in Kuta and Legion

With only 15 minutes left of our flight from Perth (Australia) too Bali (Indonesia) the plane began to lower in the sky. Out of the window peering high above the cloud below was the imposing sight of Mount Agung- Bali’s highest mountain. Within minutes Mount Agung was out of sight as we had dropped below the clouds towards the runway at Denpasar Airport.

A very quick three or so hour flight was over and immediately out of the window the charm of Indonesian Bali showed its face with the long- boat fisherman and the temple- styled buildings. Stepping off the plane brought with it immense humidity (lots of sweat) and the hassle of the taxi- drivers trying to charge extortionate prices. Politely ignoring them- we walked past the airport car- park towards the east and hailed a “Bluebird” taxi. These are metered taxi’s and offer very cheap rates (approx. ½ as cheap as those taxis at the airport). People where paying up to $20 and we got it for $4 to go to Legion! Sitting in the taxi as we exit the airport we immediately had a sense of danger; the roads! With several near misses with the hundreds of mopeds speeding around us we drove towards our hotel. This drive showed us the beauty- the character and the nature of Bali due to all the activity going on around us. The police (somewhat not always genuine in their ways) pulling over tourists for a quick “bribe”; the mother with her baby speeding around on a moped; the stunning temples and religious shrines dedicated to Buddha; the coconut palm trees and the contrast of multimillion dollar contracted hotels sat next to a ran- shack. Driving through Kuta the roads are lined with the many traditional fake- goods shops all packed very closely together leading towards the imposing sight of Indo- style pillars; the entrance of Kuta Beach. Miles of sand and muggy blue waters (due to city pollution) its not the nicest beach on the island. However it provides one of the best surf- spots in the world and a certain charm as the locals try and sell you what the can amidst the shade of the palm trees. This pretty much sums up my first views of Bali yet all contribute to why so many people fall in love with this place and never leave


2 responses to “Bali- Arriving in Kuta and Legion

  1. I think I’ve studies in the wrong career! U shud b a writer! (no sarasm at all) hope ur both loving it! Please be careful! Xx

  2. Your writing is so visual. I can imagine being in that taxi. Enjoying the busyness and colour of the place.
    Because I have never seen these places. I can imagine and enjoy from what you` ve been writing a sense of what it could be like.

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