Making Friends with Tigers and The River Kwai

We soon left and headed in search of the real Thailand. Hoping to head to Chang Mai to climb Thailand’s highest mountain we got stopped in our tracks by the weather. Storms heading in- flooding and the Typhoon heading over from The Philippines. Because of this we headed west by public- bus towards Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi is famous for the River Kwai and the River Kwai Bridge of which numerous films have adapted the stories surrounding it. During WWII the Japanese wanted to improve their trade- routes with Burma hence using thousands of P.O.W.’s to build a railway line for them. Due to the heat- humidity- poor conditions and malaria up to a hundred thousand men from Great Britain/Australia and many other countries passed away. The immense history here cant help but bring you to look back on those who had built the railway and perished for it. The Bridge itself isn’t amazing but it’s those brave men who went through hell to build it in WWII who gain the admiration – especially as we sit in our hotel room over looking the River Kwai with air-con and a swimming pool to ease the humidity.

Following in the footsteps of Robson Green on his Extreme Fishing program in the UK I had to do a spot of fishing on The Kwai. Sat off the small wooden jetty at our hotel I followed the advice of the locals. Throwing in a slice of bread- it got smashed by the many river fish surrounding my position. One afternoon and one morning brought me two good size Jungle Carp – many Bream (good and bad) and a few smaller Jungle Perch. If fishing in these areas there is no need to pay for one of the expensive fishing trips available here. All I used was a loaf of bread- my size 2000 reel and 3-7pound spin rod and I was getting hits every cast letting the bread drift with the current on top of the water; easy. Just find a good spot on the bank and there’s plenty of it (or just follow the locals) and you can have a great days fishing here.

We decided to head to Thailand’s Animal Safari/ Sanctuary in the hope of being able to have photos with Tigers and Jaguars. There is not much I can write about the experience here as you tend to wonder what the real motives of such are place are; yet is it that it does not attract the tourists needed to keep afloat and is doing its best to keep the animals in good condition with the funding it has available? However playing and feeding the baby Tiger Cub and Jaguar were experiences I will have for my life so here are the photos:



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