Vietnams Rhino ‘Extinct’

Throughout my current travels in South East Asia the “Ivory Trade” is something that is still being supported by ignorant tourists buying products without a thought of what it is made from. Today the WWF have reported that Vietnam’s Javan Rhino has now become ‘extinct’ because of depleted sightings due to the actions of poachers. The last remaining Rhino had its horn cut off and has now died due to these lethal actions. Last reports where in Cat Tien National Park.This is something that needs to come to an end in order to preserve the animals being poached for future generations and conservation of the species.

Javan Rhino Facts:

  • Scientific name: Rhinoceros sondaicus
  • The species is listed as Critically Endangered because fewer than 50 individuals remain
  • Weight: 900kg – 2,300kg
  • Height: 1.5m – 1.7m
  • Length: 2.0m – 4.0m
  • Male Javan rhinos possess a single horn about 25cm long
  • It is estimated that they can live for 30-40 years
  • Females reach sexual maturity between 5-7 years, and then give birth to a calf about once every three years

(Source: IUCN/IRF)

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