Hoi An: The Romantic Heart of Vietnam

Hoi AnHoi An is the romantic heart that beats at the center of Vietnam. With clean roads lined with European style houses- beautiful flower shops and an air of complete openness this is a city you can sit back relax- just breath and realise how good life is. The Old-Quarter has many unique quirky little shops selling hand-made carvings to some of the best rice paper art works in the country.

Hoi An

As the river runs through lined with traditional wooden fishing boats its easy to sit with a classic Vietnamese coffee and lounge the day away. If you want anything tailored it is also the best place in the country for this with tailored suits purchasable from as little as $20.

Andrew Greenlees in Hoi An

At night is when the city glows pink- blue- green and yellow as many lanterns dangling from trees and houses light up.

Hoi An at night

For me it’s the best city in the whole of Vietnam and possibly the best in the whole of South East Asia. I wish I could have spent longer there but that’s how it is: Lives easy here and it feels as though your stuck in time.


3 responses to “Hoi An: The Romantic Heart of Vietnam

  1. Not the time unfortunately! Wish we could have done though but it was nice enough our time there! you should do it- you and Matty go traveling for abit- if me and Beth can do it you two can!

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