Nha Trang: The not so good Vietnam

Palm trees lining the beach- bars on every corner- an endless beach with islands sat on the Horizon: This is Nha Trang and it’s very over rated. Known as possibly the best beach in Vietnam (and I haven’t been to all the beaches in Vietnam) but if it is then Vietnam does not do beaches. The mountains in the distance do ease the views as all I was thinking about the whole time was if I could climb them. It is a place that you can have cheap alcohol and miss the next day due to a hangover. If that’s the case you may as well be back at home not experiencing what a country really has to offer. It is slightly unsafe with muggings and extortion being a common occurrence with three of our friends being “beaten” and I use that term loosely for $20. Locals say the city is run by the local mafia and until I was invited to sit down with them in a bar I thought it was just a myth. But is wasn’t a myth; it was hysterical. They turned out to be 15-year-old boys drinking Alco-pops surrounded by “guards”. I kindly declined their offer. As it says in the Lonely Planet Guide “Getting too drunk is like spraying on rob me perfume.”

Brewhouse Nha Trang

However away from the negativity it can be a relaxing time if you can find yourself at Louisiana Brewhouse which makes and serves amazing cocktails and home made brews. We spent the day lounging by the pool and it was great to have an “expensive break” from traveling. But this was the small bit of paradise that Nha Trang had to offer us.

Having experienced beach locations throughout Australasia there are many more where you can lounge you days away with fantastic views in jaw dropping locations. It’s not a holiday destination; far more a stop off for a day or two for the tiring traveler.
Just keep your wares about you.


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