Diving Indonesia: The Gili Islands

Andrew Greenlees Scuba Diving Indonesia

Rated as some of the best coral reefs in the World it is no wonder T.V. crews roll up to film these reefs in all their glory. With water clarity unimaginable until you see it, the coral reefs dazzle below as you sit on your traditional wooden boat looking down onto them. With a swift backwards roll off the boat into another world of colour and complete freedom we dropped into the ocean to see what usually can only ever be seen on television.

Dive Buddy Beth Goodwin Scuba Diving Indonesia

Hans Reef

Situated off the island of Gili Air sit these coral pinnacles ranging from small ½ mtr to a large 10-15 mtr towering out of the white coral sands. We dived this site twice dropping in at 22mtrs working our way up the sand banks to the 5mtr range for our safety stops. The site is mainly focused on marine macro- ecology as here it is intricate and delicate with the many small colorful coral fish / Octopus / Rays / Lion Fish / Banded Coral Eels / Pipefish (2xpregnant) / Stonefish and Scorpion fish.

Scuba Diving Indonesia

Shark Point

My favorite of all the dive spots due to the variety of “larger” aquatic life. Dropping in at 30 mtrs you are likely to see sharks (Black and White tip) ranging from small puppies to the larger 4 mtr+ White tips. We were extremely blessed to witness the Bumphead Parrotfish that come out every full- moon to feed on the coral here. Their size is something that cannot be believed until you see it for yourself. Up to 2mtrs in length and the girth of a cow they are known as the Bison of the Sea. To see these fish schooling (not one but in a large group) truly was one of the best moments nature has thrown at me. Whilst swimming with them Giant Travelly’s seemed to enjoy their company too (if only I had my fishing rod) as the Barracuda would drift over us in their casual lazy manner (different to that of when they are hunting). On my first dive here we were able to witness the Banded Coral Sea Snake feeding. A big budget film crew from the BBC had been there for 6 months and hadn’t managed to get the shots they had been looking for of one feeding and I was lucky enough to see one on my first dive. The schools of larger fish such as the varieties of Snapper and the gorgeous Sweetlips scatter the site. If you’re a diver explore Shark Point as much as you can and enjoy what it has to offer to the max!

Halik Reef

Drift Diving at its best! North of Gili Trawangan drop in shallow and admire the colorful reefs before catching the current and drift dive your way down to 30mtrs down along a reef wall. The closest thing to flying- having neutral buoyancy (weightlessness) and having the current surge you along is my favorite activity when diving. Again all of the general coral fish- Nemo and his friends are all there to gaze at you as you drift by wondering what craziness is passing by them. At 32mtrs we saw one of the rarest animals to see in the sea whilst diving; a fully grown Spotted Eagle Ray. Majestic and smooooth as if flying it glided past us then with a swift kick vanished into the abyss.

Andrew Greenlees Scuba Diving Indonesia

Bounty Wreck

A ship- wreck off the island of Gili Meno; Bounty Wreck was sank in 2001 for basically being a rubbish boat that was built wrong and didn’t work properly. However it found its purpose by being a man- made reef for many aquatic life and an interesting dive- site for divers.


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