Fly Fishing: Learning an Ageing Art

After learning and mastering the skill of spin and bait fishing whilst travelling throughout Asia and Australia it was time to learn for what some consider an art form, fly- fishing. Traditionally known as game- fishing within the UK, target species tend to be Trout and Salmon, however throughout the world fly- fishing is used to catch more exotic fish such as Marlin, Tuna and Shark.

Unlike spin and bait fishing where a weighted bait or lure ensures a cast, fly- fishing is all about the technique of casting a weighted line. Spin and bait fishing requires a small amount of skill when it comes to casting a line, however fly- fishing is purely technique in order to present the fly in an attractive manner for a fish to attack.

Personally, I wanted I new challenge. I recently read Bear Gryll’s ‘Great Outdoor Adventures’ and it explains how fly- fishing is a relaxing way to be at one with nature and your surroundings. It is a way of pitting man’s skill and expertise against the wild and as I love the outdoors it is a new skill that I could learn with vigour. With constantly reading Henry Giles’ excellent blog on salmon fishing ( and on arrival back in the UK it is a hobby that I have decided to pursue.

With currently living in the North- West of England I am privileged to have the Lake District on my doorstep, with many stocked and natural lakes, reservoirs and rivers in my area.

As with all fishing nothing more is needed than a decent basic set- up to get going. I went for a 9ft, 7-8 weight Abu Garcia rod & reel. From my research this seemed to be a decent option for the fly fishing I will be doing.

Abu Garcia 7-8 9ft Fly Rod

Opting for a selection of fly’s, I bought a bulk set of 77: Nymphs, Buzzers, Dry’s, Wet’s and Lures.

Fly Case and Selection

As with any beginner should, I will be researching the internet and youtube for the basics. If any other beginners find this blog then here’s a great 3 part video:  : If only it is as easy as it looks!

This will save a vast amount of money on lessons and mistakes. However, once I have understood and learnt the basics a lesson will then be an option to tweak and perfect a basic technique. Much practice in my local fields of my casting technique will be in order, as well as talking too and watching those fly- fishing around me to learn as much as I can.

Hopefully one day I can become a proficient fly- fisherman and I will log all my efforts on this blog as I go.


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