The Spice of Life: Penang

An island sat off the west coast of Malaysia connected to mainland via a stretching bridge, Penang is a cultural pleasure with an ease on all senses. As we crossed the Penang Bridge expecting a lush, tropical Malay island what was before us was nothing of the sort.

An eye catching city reminiscent of any other major city in the world, Penang has been converted into a refined, modern city with fantastic restaurants, bars and scenery. With a history dating back to Malay tribes, British colonisation and used as a key port by the British and the Germans when the World was at war, Penang has everything to offer culturally as well as it does with its modern features. Within Georgetown, the old quarter of the city, Little India and China Town offer the best food in Penang and possibly the best food I have eaten in my entire travels. Some say that Malaysia has the best cuisine in the World and after my food experiences in Penang I have little to doubt this statement.

Within these areas local Malay cuisine is also available at food stalls where the food is cooked fresh in front of you for as little as $1. A must and what the chef Rick Stein quotes as being one of the best foods in the World is the Nasi Lamak. Served inside a Banana leaf, rice, spices and chicken are edible by use of the fingers… delightful is an understatement. Kapitan Restaurant in Little India served us with the most succulent tandoori Chicken, and possibly the best chicken I have ever eaten. It is easy to spot as a giant banner at the front, as it proclaims to have the best in Penang and it did not fall short.

The others I had did not even compare.  This huge meal cost us $3 p/p and I would live in this place if I could!

All in all Penang has a pinch of culture, history, delicious food in all the spices the World can offer, sun, and a touch of luxury. Great visit, great stay and my taste-buds memories will stay with me forever.


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