A World of Opportunity

Look at the World and what do you see?

Opportunity, money, adventure and travel…?

How does looking at the World make you feel: Excited, apprehensive, nervous, happy or sad?

However you view the world or feel about it, many of those feelings will have been enhanced, developed or manipulated by the ‘media’ whether it be those magical moments witnessing intrepid adventurers exploring The Amazon or current wars devastating villages, towns, cities and countries.

But how would you feel if you had won a ticket around the World that would give you access to every nook and cranny it offers?

For me, I see a World of opportunity, adventure and travel. A rush of excitement, a tingle in the fingers. As I see a map of endless possibilties, cultures and new experiences there is a whole world ready to be explored full of moments for us to have.

As it does through time, perceptions will change, the World will change especially through different means of destruction.

But for now and this World that we life in, it is a World full of opportunity and a World full of beauty and perfection.

For many it seems only a dream, but with a World that has become so accessible by any means maybe its about time more people started making dreams a reality.


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