About Me

 This is my blog about my adventures and my travels around the world.

I am doing it to show people that there is more to the world than living a normal mundane life people seem to live in this modern world. Hopefully i can inspire people to travel and explore the world we live in.


Andrew Stephen Greenlees


BSc (hons) Accounting, Business, Finance & Management  (The University of York)


Bruce Parry, David Livingstone, Ranulph Fiennes, Bear Grylls & My Dad

Favorable Places:

Laos, Cambodia, Italy, Australian Outback, Hoi- An (Vietnam), Bali & Gili Islands

Least Favorable Places:

 West Coast of Australia. Various parts of Thailand and various parts of Vietnam (all due to which are being ruined by tourism and greed.)

Scariest Moments:

 Being stuck at by snakes, swimming the Great Barrier Reef with Box Jellyfish and being surrounded by Aboriginals in the Australian Outback hundreds of miles from civilization.

Greatest Experiences:

 Swimming and scuba- diving with sharks on various occasions, scuba- diving with spotted eagle rays in Indonesia and taking a single engine flight over the Great Barrier Reef and many many more…


To run a successful charity helping underprivileged children in forgotten areas of the World.


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