Get Outdoors: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

Spending time in the outdoors really brings a sense of perspective that one can not have being surrounded by a “concrete jungle”. Everybody has a primal instinct of adventure and a general sense of appreciation of the outdoors. Yet very few persue it; generally out of laziness.

So here is my list of my top 5 favourate outdoor activities…

Scuba- Diving

Sink to a whole different world and experience nature in all its glory. Like being on another planet being under- water constantly leaves you with a sense of awe. With the constant surprises such as turtles and maybe the odd shark you will be left with unforgetable memories as Nemo and his friends pass by.

Mountain Climbing/ Fell Walking/ Rock Climbing

These activities bring a great sense of achievement along with a risk and adventure factor depending on the skill level. When you reach the top you can quite literally feel as though you are on top of the world as you look down on the scenery below. Its a natural high well worth seeking…


Reading this you may laugh fishing off as being boring yet with the right equipment and being in the right spot; fishing can be extremely rewarding as well as being fun. I have always compared the bite and catch of a fish to a win when gambling. Its that same thrill and excitement you get that nobody can suppress- that winning feeling! Once you have experienced it you will want to experience it over and over again always excited about how big or what it is you may land on next. Not only this but fishing really does bring a sense of peace with the outdoors and an appreciation of the world and a good eating fish is always a nice reward at the end of the day. Fishing is an activity you should never knock before you try!

*Bull Shark caught Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef (I do practice catch and release however this shark had been attacked by another when reeling in which killed it re the bite on its side)


Sailing is something everybody should give a go at least once in a lifetime. One of the greatest moments of my life was sailing a yacht around the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef. It is an activity that has history going back thousands of years. With many forms and different designs of boats they all provide you with a sense of adventure and freedom. With the wind in the sails as you glide across the waters this form of transportation is primitive yet thrilling to do.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking has to make this list due to the availability of mountain bikes as anybody can pick one up these days no matter how cheap or expensive they can be. Throw them into the back of your car and head to a local national park or even further a-field to experience the speed/ thrill and freedom of powering your way through the outdoors.


One response to “Get Outdoors: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

  1. Hi Son,

    Always a great read with some excellent photos. Keep living the dream, we are proud of you. Enjoy Bali and Indonesia.
    Grandad would have been so proud.


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